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HOW TO BECOME A MODEL at 15 with no experience | Step 1 | Modeling 101 | Model tips for beginners

Ever wondered how to become a model at 15 with no experience and where to start? Discover 5 tips to get you started right now!

YouTube serie - How to become a model

Coco Rocha Model Camp Alumni, Lucie Petit, teaches HOW TO BECOME A MODEL | Model tips for beginners. Combining her years of experience as a full-time model with some of Coco Rocha’s own best modeling tips, discover the first step of « How to become a model » .

Step 1 provides 5 tips & tricks told through Lucie’s own modeling story becoming a model at 15 with no experience: From finding and signing with a modeling agency, to self confidence issues and ridiculous model casting fails, self-deprecation is at the corner.

  • Tip N°1- Be a go-getter (Contacting agencies)

  • Tip N°2- Researching agencies (How to know if a modeling agency is legit)

  • Tip N°3- Signing with a modeling agency

  • Tip N°4- Set goals and work on achieving them (Adapting your schedule to modeling)

  • Tip N°5- Be confident (Model castings experience and fails)

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