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The 5 biggest mistakes I made when I first started modeling

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In a modeling world where we eventually need to cope with rejection and comparison, here are 5 points I wished I could have told myself when I first started modeling that I hope could benefit some of you in the establishment of your modeling career. If modeling is a true passion of yours, keep moving forward & never give up! ⭐️⁣

1. Trying to figure it out on my own

Look up to people who have more experience, find yourself a mentor who can guide you in the right direction, fast track your success.

2. Relying too much on my agency

Only a few take the time to properly train you and give you the opportunity to grow. Don't wait for something to happen, instead go get it.

3. Limiting my exposure

Be proactive, use all the tools you can to get noticed whether it's social medias, attending events or networking.

4. Taking rejection personally

Don't start questioning yourself or thinking you are not good enough. It's not you, it's what the market is looking for at that specific time.

5. Giving up too soon

Trends and looks keep coming around. If now may not be the ideal time for you, it doesn't mean it will never be the case. Be patient, work hard and your time will come.


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