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Modeling tips for beginners female ⚠️ Modeling scams! | HOW TO BECOME A MODEL | Step 3

Learn some of the best modeling tips for beginners (female version) to help you launch your modeling career but pay attention to modeling scams!

YouTube serie - How to become a model

Coco Rocha Model Camp Alumni, Lucie Petit, teaches HOW TO BECOME A MODEL | Model tips for beginners. Combining her years of experience as a full-time model with some of Coco Rocha’s own best modeling tips, discover the third step of « How to become a model » .

Step 3 provides 8 tips & tricks told through Lucie Petit’s own modeling story: From replying to casting calls and modeling agency scams awareness to the preparation for an international modeling contract, you’ll learn some of the best tips to get you ready to be better at posing for photos and walking on the runway, in a fun and entertaining way.

  • Tip N°1- Be reactive

  • Tip N°2- Be aware of scams

  • Tip N°3- Be safe

  • Tip N°4- Follow up after castings or meetings

  • Tip N°5- Look for recommendations

  • Tip N°6- Be fit & healthy

  • Tip N°7- Practice makes perfect

  • Tip N°8- Always look for people who have more experience

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