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Role Model of the Year


HK MODEL CAMP founder, Lucie Petit, awarded the title of Role Model of the Year 2020-21 and 2021-22 by Inspiring Girls Hong Kong

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Feature in French newspaper


This Antiboise passes on the confidence of the tops in her school

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After growing up in Antibes, Lucie Petit moved to Hong Kong nine years ago. While working as a model, she opened a school there to teach what she learnt through her career.

The great thing about shyness is that it can be tamed. And it won’t be Lucie Petit who says the opposite.


The young woman moves with extraordinary ease in front of the lens today, but she remembers the teenager she was… standing rather hunched, the studious kind. “In short, I never thought that I would be doing what I’m doing”, says the now-model with a big smile.

After Antibes, she spread her wings for Hong Kong. She’s been working there for 9 years, living a fast-paced daily life that has slowed down by the pandemic, of course: “We are witnessing a change in my industry. Some brands have had to leave the city during and have not returned since.”

In a world in revolution, one must be able to sense the movement.


In 2020, the Stransbourg native launched her own business. Her challenge, her baby, her seedling to nurture: HK Model Camp. A school to pass on what she has learnt through her years of experience between contracts with Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Armani and even Chanel’s recent Cruise show in Monaco. “It all started with my YouTube channel. I opened it three years ago and I talked about my job in the videos I filmed. Internet users came back with a lot of questions and I told myself that there was something interesting I could build with this”, summarises the model with the soul of an entrepreneur. Her concept: to offer mentorship, advice and support at the top model level.



In addition to remote sessions, she welcomes her students to her studio for a photo shoot, to work on the catwalk-style gait or coaching in a one-off booking or a follow-up, available in individual or group classes. “It’s so enriching to see people’s evolution and work on the subject of confidence with them”, she admits, delighted to spread her gentle energy to her students who are mostly… female: “It’s true that the majority are women but, men are still present!” 

It’s an approach intended for aspiring models but also for others: “For someone who has choosing modelling as a career, it provides know-hows. For others, it’s for personal development.” It’s a way to explore who we are, through the way we see ourselves. “My goal is to get them out of their comfort zone. It’s not always easy, but it’s also how we move forward. But careful, I never force anyone to do something that would go against their principles, their culture and their beliefs”, assures the company director who likes to break clichés of the modelling world (see below).


When it comes to hair and makeup, the idea is not to distort yourself, Instagram filter style. Frowning, she acknowledges, Yes… it is damaging. Getting used to not seeing yourself as you are is not very healthy in the long run.” Here, beauty products are used to enhance the participants’ beauty. The result? “The only touch-ups we do are on small, temporary flaws like a pimple, for example.” Take away the idea of changing your nose or enhancing your cheekbones. Learn to pose, practise in front of a camera or a device… So many steps to reach serenity: namely, self-acceptance. Staggering. And for the magic to work, the sessions must be tailor-made.


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Her best advice? “Even if you do it subconsciously, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other. It’s destructive.” The real challenge lies elsewhere: “On the other hand, you can face yourself. For example, the person you were several years ago. This allows you to see how you’ve evolved, to become aware of how far you have come.”


An evaluation tool that does not cross boundaries. But allows space for its own influence. A power capable of transforming any chrysalis…

To know more: www.hkmodelcamp.com

Translated by Kylah M and Sophie Kim



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Supported by INVESTHK

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HK MODEL CAMP founder, Lucie Petit, awarded the Hong Kong Living Influencer Awards 2021 in the category Entrepreneurs & Business.

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Feature in French newspaper


HK MODEL CAMP founder, Lucie Petit, selected as a candidate to receive the Entrepreneurs Trophy of the year.

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FEW Experiences Week

24-29th August 2021

HKMC founder, Lucie Petit, held a workshop for Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide tailored to match the needs of a working woman in Hong Kong.

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Rosemary from HKMC Masterclass 1 was crowned "Best in swimsuit 2021" and "Miss International Hong Kong 2021"

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HKMC Model Monday

An interactive discussion about model confidence with Rosemary Ling’s experience at Elite Model Look 2021 x Coco Rocha Model Camp online and Mia Matayoshi’s McDonald’s commercial behind the scenes stories. Across different chapters, you’ll learn about their experiences after HK Model Camp, some model tips to boost your confidence, the insecurities brought by the standards of the modeling industry and the way to fight them with the support you can get from the HKMC community.

MISS INTERNATIONAL HK 2021 - Catwalk trainer

HKMC founder, Lucie Petit, becomes the Catwalk trainer for Miss International Hong Kong 2021

Feature in French newspaper


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XMAS Model Q&A 2020

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Asian & International market, Freelance modeling, Modeling under Covid & more...