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Coco Rocha Model Camp | Reviews & What to expect | Model training classes

Answering all your questions about Coco Rocha Model Camp! Through Lucie’s own experience at camp, you’ll know everything about CRMC, how to sign up for it & how to prepare yourself for the adventure!

Coco Rocha Model Camp - Cycle 12

Lucie Petit, Coco Rocha Model Camp alumni cycle 12, will tell you all you want to know about this 4-days model training classes, what she’s learnt from it and what made her become a CRMC ambassador. You were looking for Coco Rocha Model Camp reviews? Coco Rocha Model Camp price? Get all your questions answered in this model training course video.

  • What is Coco Rocha Model Camp?

  • Where is Coco Rocha Model Camp?

  • What is the program?

  • Who is accepted to Coco Rocha Model Camp?

  • How much is Coco Rocha Model Camp?

  • Is Coco Rocha Model Camp worth it?

  • How is the atmosphere at camp?

  • How about the other girls?

  • What happens after the camp?

  • Did I notice more opportunities after Coco Rocha Model Camp?

When is Coco Rocha Model Camp?

How to apply to CRMC?

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