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Fashion Show





Sessions are adapted to your objectives.



  • Stretching exercises

  • Posture exercises

  • Catwalk demonstration

  • Step by step catwalk exercises

  • First impressions tips

  • Presentation skills

  • Walk with confidence on flats

  • Walk with confidence in heels

  • The art of seduction for business

  • The art of seduction for dating



  • Styles of runway walk

  • Blend runway walk

  • Upbeat runway walk

  • Formal runway walk

  • Runway with partners & props

  • Styles of runway turns

  • Runway poses

  • Runway study



  • Swimsuit pageant walk

  • National costume pageant walk

  • Evening gown pageant walk

  • Catwalk with partners & props

  • Seductive catwalk

  • Styles of catwalk turns

  • Pageant poses

  • Pageant study


Runway sessions are a great way to perfect your presentation skills and embrace your unique style, adopt a more defined walk, improve your posture or even aim to hit the runway!

Did you know that your body language holds the key to your attractiveness? Whether in a business or personal context, silent communication speaks louder than words when it comes to making first impressions!

The practise is applying dance and theatrical skills to a one-of-a-kind training programme that promotes self-confidence and boosts self-love. It is a fun physical activity with empowering music and positive reinforcement.

An in-depth training programme with guided exercises for a wide range of walks, regardless of your level. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that boosts your confidence to the next level! 

 FORMAT: 3hrs, personal or group 

  • Personal? Take the Masterclass as an individual!

  • Group? Bring your own friends or get on the waiting list for the next public opportunity.

 LEVEL: Beginner to advanced 

  • Beginner? Attitude is the most important thing. From improving your posture to adopting a strong, confident walk, don't be shy to give it a try – you may surprise yourself! ;)

  • Advanced? Polish your skills and take them to the next level by learning new tricks! We may see you on the runway soon...

 AGE & GENDER: 13+, Neutral/Feminine 

The Masterclass is exclusive to participants identifying as gender-neutral (they/them) or feminine (she/her), aged 13 and above.​

A private class with a personalised programme designed to meet your objectives and adapt to your needs. With a focus on your personal growth, develop at your own pace in a safe space.

 FORMAT: 2hrs, personal or group 

  • Personal? Book your session(s) as an individual!

  • Group? Bring your own friends and split the cost for a fun bonding activity.

 LEVEL: Beginner to advanced 

  • Beginner? Share your goals with us, and we'll make sure you grow into the best version of yourself, the person you want to become!

  • Advanced? Strengthen your skills and get the latest insights from the creative industry to build and establish your brand.

 AGE & GENDER: 8+, Neutral/Feminine/Masculine 

​The sessions are open to participants of all genders, aged 8 and above.

Runway Masterclass
Private Runway Class
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