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How to BECOME STRONGER physically at home in 2020 | 30 Days Challenge | Workout plan for model body

How to get a model body at home? A model body in a month? Start your natural body transformation 30 days challenge at home workout now!

30 days challenge for a model body

How to become stronger physically at home with a 30 days challenge: WORKOUT PLAN FOR MODEL BODY. Get 10 of the BEST TIPS to make you become stronger physically and mentally in 2020 through a workout plan at home for beginners and intermediate level. Follow the evolution and the highlights of a 30 days fitness challenge with detailed results so you know exactly what to expect.

  • Tip N°1: Remember your starting point

  • Tip N°2: Find a training program that suits you and what you want to achieve

  • Tip N°3: No excuses!

  • Tip N°4: Find a spot to do your exercises regularly

  • Tip N°5: Don’t forget to warm up before & stretch after

  • Tip N°6: Great things never come from comfort zone

  • Tip N°7: Follow the progression & stay motivated

  • Tip N°8: Listen to your body

  • Tip N°9: Getting into each exercise in more details

  • Tip N°10: Discovering the results

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