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Kylah is a 16 years old creative from France/Philippines. She likes dancing, horse riding and crafting. She speaks English fluently and basics of French.





Hi! We’ve got some questions to ask you!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Hi! I’m Kylah M, I’m from France and the Philippines. I like horse-riding and crafting like knitting, crochet, and sewing.

Why did you choose to join HK Model Camp? What caught your attention and made you want to join?

Modelling is a career I’m thinking of pursuing. To be honest, my initial impression of HK Model Camp was that it would be a strict, “only for professionals” camp. However, after looking into it more, I learnt that it touches on the true roots of modelling – especially the effects of confidence – which made me intrigued. I also love how approachable HK Model Camp is.

As you know, confidence is a big part of HKMC. How do you build confidence? Do you have any tips to share?

Before HK Model Camp, I was confident in a different way. The confidence I had was in knowing what I wanted to do… that sort of thing. HKMC helped me gain confidence in myself, as a person. For example, the type of confidence you need to do poses in front of a camera. It’s similar, but different.

A tip would be to surround yourself with people who are good for your mental health. I learnt the importance of this during Camp.

What are some experiences that you’re most proud of?

I’m proud of an audition that I went through recently. I was picked after doing an improvisation task which made me confident because I was judged on my talent and not on how I perform someone else’s choreography.

Congratulations! To get to where you are now, what were some obstacles you had to face?

Most of my friends moved to the English stream at school before I did so they had already made their own friend groups by the time I joined. Back then, there was still a big divide between boys and girls. I didn’t share the same interests with the girls but even if I played basketball with the boys, there was still a barrier.

So, in a way, being someone who doesn’t fit into a box caused you to be, let’s say, “separated”? Do you think you’ve overcome this?

Yes. Definitely. I’ve become who I am today because of that experience.

Do you have a favourite motivational quote or something you tell yourself in periods of self-doubt?

Robert Downey Jr. said, “Just because you hit rock bottom it doesn’t mean you have to stay there.” I like this quote because you can’t go down further than rock bottom. The only way is up. Also, when you make a mistake, what matters is what you do after!

How has your HKMC experience affected your modelling career or daily life?

My HKMC experience helped me gain awareness of the not-so-great side of the modelling world like “scams”. I don’t hold myself back anymore in terms of my personality and I’m also more comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t make exaggerated funny poses that I used to do because I don’t feel awkward anymore!

Is there anything specific that we covered at Camp that you took away and applied to your daily life?

Facial expression. I used to only have two expressions: a forced smile or an expressionless – almost frowning – face. I’m a lot more expressive now! A part of that is probably because I’m less conscious of what others think.

If you were able to meet yourself at a younger age, what advice would you give to the younger you?

You don’t need a lot of friends, a handful of real ones is enough. People come and go. Things come to you when you’re ready and when you need it. Those who want to be around you will come to you naturally.

That’s very insightful. Alexander McQueen said, “Fashion should be a form of escapism and not a form of imprisonment.” Is there a style that you want to try that’s outside of your current comfort zone?

A dress that fits me well and doesn’t make me look like a sack of potatoes! It’s not my style as I prefer comfortable clothes like shorts, but I’ve been experimenting a lot with my style after shopping for the Pose Photoshoot. I’m into flared jeans now!

Imagine this: you’re designing a new collection to be shown at NYFW. It’s a collection that represents your identity with no limits. What kind of designs will we see? Lots of patterns? Suits? What colours?

Mine would be a cosy collection with neutral colours. Something with effortless, basic pieces: Sweaters, leggings, jeans, hoodies. No patterns, just solid colours. Knits would be snug fit and a fine knit.

That does sound cosy. Last question! You’re running errands in Central while listening to music and there are lots of people around you. You want to be more than just another young woman lost in the crowd, so you decide to play a different song to change your walk into one with power and your head held high. What song do you choose?

On a day like today, probably Fall Out Boy’s “Immortals”. It’s got a great beat and when I walk, I like to walk to the beat of whatever I’m listening to. Sometimes I’ll sass into my walk and “Immortals” is a great song for that.

Thank you so much for your time today. I really enjoyed our conversation!

Thank you!

Interviewer: Sophie Kim



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