⭐ Can you join if you don't have any experience?

Of course! There are different programs for different levels. It's been designed to suit beginners with no experience to more experienced ones to brush up their weaknesses. Motivation is the most important.

⭐ How many participants can attend?

From personal sessions to small group kept purposely extremely small, different programs fit each participant's needs to maintain a personalized education of high quality.

⭐ How many sessions do you need?

Everyone grows at their own speed. Depending on your experience,

a one-time camp may be all you need, or you may consider some extra sessions.

⭐ What do you need to prepare?

Black fitted clothes comfortable to wear and to move in is ideal with a pair of comfortable heels.

⭐ Where is it?

At the moment, we offer several locations in Central, Hong Kong, and Kwai Chung, New Territories while the online program is on Zoom or Google Meet.


We'll get back to you with more info.